Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Profundity escapes me

There's many a blog post floating around in my head. I draft them while pushing the buggy or washing dishes but when I finally get to sit down at the computer in peace at the end of the day, alas, the profundity escapes me. This afternoon I was mulling over various possible themes for my blog ranging from politics (dear knows there's plenty to talk about from the serious to the surreal, but I think I'll leave that to Guido) to parenting (despite my hippy dippy attachment leanings I am not really looking to take up a side in any Mommy/Mummy wars.) After much debate (with myself) I decided in the main to stick to telling you what we had for dinner (like this divine autumn on a plate lentils with sausages recipe) and recommending things to eat with a cup of tea (like these Northern Irish classic fifteens - yum.) After all, when all's said and done it's hard to cause offense when talking about marshmallows. 

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