Sunday, October 14, 2012

Starting from scratch

Have you heard about October Unprocessed? A lot of the foodie/health type Facebook pages that I follow, like this one, have been throwing down the challenge to eat all unprocessed foods this month. For the sake of this exercise, the definition of unprocessed food is 'any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with whole-food ingredients.' Sounds reasonable enough right?

The principle appeals to me because I hate the idea of eating something with a mile long indecipherable ingredient list. And I hate that idea even more when it comes to my little lads . . . Anyhow, we're not sticking hard and fast to any rules (so please don't shout 'hypocrite!' at me if you see me scoffing Percy Pigs in the park with boy one) but I have been keeping this challenge in mind when doing my weekly grocery order (spot the Ocado loyalist) by aiming to keep my shopping trolly as 'simple' as possible with actual food ingredients rather than pre-prepared items. Not a huge change for us as we don't go big in for packaged stuff really, but the challenge has helped to motivate me to think carefully about our meal choices. Anyway, isn't it funny to think that only handful of decades ago this whole discussion would have sounded like complete nonsense?

And I definitely can't sign off without mentioning that the best part about eating unprocessed means increased baking! (Yes, we have GBBO fever like the rest of the UK. It would be wrong not to.) This autumn Stu has gotten way into bread baking and on Saturday mornings makes three loaves that easily do us for the week. God bless my own little Paul Hollywood. And I've been enjoying baking treats to enjoy with a cuppa rather than buying custard creams etc which has led me to discover some pretty dang good chocolate recipes. More on that in the near future . .

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