Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our life so far

I'm just going to dive back in. Tonight I decided to resurrect my old friend the blog - I have been missing having the opportunity to write and having a place to keep track of our adventures, not to mention all my favourite recipes. I will spare you a long recap of everything we've been up to in the past year or two . . . in short, boy one is nearing three and a half (how did that happen!?) and boy two (yes, there's a boy two!) is almost five months old (weighing in at just over 20 lbs - wowsers.) So yes, we've been busy. Here they are looking scrumptious as we sat down in our little kitchen to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with roast chicken etc last weekend. Stop in again soon. I promise there will be lots of good posts (foodie and otherwise) forthcoming.


BethB said...

Welcome back to it darling

Julie said...

Thank you for noticing so promptly :) xx

katevp-a said...

woo hoo!

20lbs! wowza! Isla is still a slight 23lbs. but she is tiny. we call her "the tiny" in fact.