Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kid Art

Since boy one started nursery school this autumn we have been spending even more time than usual in the kids' section of our local library. After pickup, weather permitting, we go to the play park for a snack and some monkeying around on the climbing frame, and then we enjoy a couple of hours reading stories and hanging out amongst the stacks. We do change it up occasionally (like yesterday when we went to the Tate Modern for the afternoon - the picture above is from a sensory light and sound igloo in the kids play area), but such is boy one's love for the story corner that skipping the library requires a good lot of negotiation and convincing. These early signs of book lovin' are music to my ears! (I *think* boy two is down with reading too - he just kinda goes with the flow!)

Anyhow, tonight as we were reading Puffin Peter by Petr Horacek before bed I thought it might be fun to do a few posts highlighting some of our fav writers for children. I have found that both repetition (to foster familiarity) and variety (to generate interest) are key when it comes to young children and books. To start I've focused on art and picked some wonderful author/illustrators that have recently captured our imaginations. So here's the run down . . .

We really like Horacek's pictures and Choo Choo was one of boy one's tried and true favourites when he was one. Horacek's books for older children are also lovely.

We are mega Oliver Jeffers enthusiasts, and not *just* because he's Northern Irish! How to Catch a Star is poignant and beautiful and has been read over and over again over the past few years in our world.

We have also been enjoying a lot of titles from Eric Carle's collection (not limited to, but of course including, that caterpillar!) and many of Quentin Blake's sketches as Stu and boy one have begun working through the Roald Dahl collection. I personally loved listening to boy one's shrieks of disbelief, wonderment and delight as they were recently reading George's Marvelous Medicine! (That mean old granny!!)

I know these are all mega popular writers so there are no cutting edge newsflashes here, but I wanted to record what we're into at the moment. Please share any recommendations, old or new, in the comments! Coming soon, favourite poetry for children . . .

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The Clothesline said...

I love this post and will look for some of these books in our library. The "boys" over in Rossland seem to like books a lot but for them, it's turning the pages and having something to poke at for the time being! I look forward to your poetry post - one of my favourite parts of children's literature.