Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday night lights

A wet and cold Friday night here in London town, but we are warm and toasty, tucked up on the sofa with some Green and Blacks and a cuppa and ready to watch an episode of The Killing II. We watched the first series (the Danish one) in the summer and mercy me, it is so very good. (Disclaimer: It's pretty graphic/scary and haunting, like it says on the tin.) But oh the suspense and intrigue! Very edge of your seat. And great characters. Those Danes are flippin' geniuses. Next up will be Borgen if I can get my mitts on it.

The only other things we're watching at the moment, now that GBBO is over *sigh* - are series three of Downton and series two of Homeland. And I have happily heard rumors that a new series of Call the Midwife is coming sometime soon. Any other recommendations?

I have to say, we really love our AppleTV which stops us from mindlessly channel surfing as everything's on demand. Anyhow, let's face it, by the time we do bedtime/dishes/laundry/tidy we *just about* have time for one episode before bedtime. Rock 'n' roll!!! I keep contemplating doing something crafty of an evening like this or this but so far it's all in the mind.  

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BethB said...

She can keep her crowns, I'll have a superhero mask please!