Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Patty cake, patty cake . . .

This afternoon Mr Seb woke up from his nap early. Not good. But it gave us time to do some baking together. Good!

We made this recipe for the Canadian classic, banana chocolate chip muffins (a double batch with an extra splash of milk at the mixing stage because my spidey sense told me the batter was a bit thick.) As a longtime fan of My Daddy Cooks and pretty much everything related to Baby Led Weaning, I am delighted that Seb is now old enough to stand in his Fun Pod and cook with me! This afternoon he was really enjoying pouring in all the ingredients and stirring them together . . . AND as a bonus we didn't end up with a bag of flour dumped all over the floor! (I am thinking this is a very real possibility when baking with a toddler.) After a while admittedly my apprentice's attention wandered and he just began eating the chocolate stars I had measured out for the muffins but we got there in the end. And the muffins tasted good too!

Come to think of it, I am a fan of bananas when it comes to baking. There's banana chocolate chip bread, banana pudding and banana pancakes a la Rachel Allen and let's not forget my bro-in-law Matt's best banana cake ever (not an overstatement!) So yes, a bit of a recurring theme?? Anyhow, bananas or otherwise I am determined to do more baking this year and have even contemplated trying to bake my way through The Great British Book of Baking (kindof in the fashion of Julie and Julia) but so far I haven't really moved beyond leafing through the cookbook at bedtime . . .


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Glad to see you are back at blogging!

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