Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Drama drama drama

Who knew parliamentary politics would ever get so exciting!?! My (somewhat fuzzy) poli sci brain has been enjoying ongoing analysis of week upon week of shocking expenses stories. Now in the latest twist the Labour Party is fixing to devour itself with a beleaguered Gordon Brown as the main course. Commentators like the BBC's bespectacled Nick Robinson are busy, busy, busy (and thanks to Stu since being off I have also discovered Simon Mayo's afternoon show which features great political interviews and analysis.)

As if that weren't enough, politics junkies will have more fun tomorrow with local and European elections across the UK - here in NI it's just the EU elections (which don't seem to be about Europe at all) and after managing only just to control my blood pressure while watching the Northern Ireland Politics Show earlier this week, let's just say I know who I won't be supporting!

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