Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sir Noblee has arrived!!

Seb and Mommy a few hours after his arrival

Family photo before leaving the hospital

Seb just after birth - love the hair!

Seb - 4 days old

Introducing to the blogosphere the gorgeous Sebastian John Noble!! Our Seb was born at 3:42 am on Saturday, 13th June 2009, weighing 6lbs 15oz! We had a water birth which was an amazing experience (will spare you the details!) and I can hardly say enough positive things about our time at the Ulster Hospital's 'Home from Home Suite' and the wonderful mid-wives and other staff who looked after us.

The days have gone by so quickly since Seb's arrival - it is hard to believe that he is already a week old! We have had a couple of sleepless nights (I turned to Stu at 5am the first night home and said, 'So people really weren't joking about the no sleep thing!') but overall the breast feeding, sleeping and diaper changing routine is going really well. Stu's mum and dad are experienced grandparents who have been total angels in providing support - feeding us and ensuring we've gotten extra naps during the day as we are adhering to the 'sleep when Seb sleeps' philosophy at this point! Grandma and Grandpa B land this afternoon in Belfast and the introduction to their grandson is an event that we have all been anticipating for a long time! A friend described their arrival as 'the icing on the happy family cake' which I thought was rather nice :)

We think Seb's a wee star and about a billion times cuter than we ever imagined so we are spending any downtime just having fun gazing at him (I think 'besotted' is a good descriptor of us at this point)! Snap happy Daddy Stu has been giving his camera and our new Flip a good workout and Stalkerbook has been working overtime with all our pics. Should also mention that already in just one short week the main man has acquired some quality nicknames including Seb, Sebbie, Baby Seba (a Spanish feel compliments of his Auntie Ninny), The Sebinator, Sebastiano, Sir Noblee and Baby Seabass (as suggested by rugby fans BB and Rickshaw!)

I am guessing my already neglected blog might become a bit more neglected in the weeks ahead, but will do my best to post again soon (realistically more baby pics!)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Drama drama drama

Who knew parliamentary politics would ever get so exciting!?! My (somewhat fuzzy) poli sci brain has been enjoying ongoing analysis of week upon week of shocking expenses stories. Now in the latest twist the Labour Party is fixing to devour itself with a beleaguered Gordon Brown as the main course. Commentators like the BBC's bespectacled Nick Robinson are busy, busy, busy (and thanks to Stu since being off I have also discovered Simon Mayo's afternoon show which features great political interviews and analysis.)

As if that weren't enough, politics junkies will have more fun tomorrow with local and European elections across the UK - here in NI it's just the EU elections (which don't seem to be about Europe at all) and after managing only just to control my blood pressure while watching the Northern Ireland Politics Show earlier this week, let's just say I know who I won't be supporting!