Sunday, March 29, 2009

Having a laugh in Dublin town

Yesterday Dublin didn't even know what hit it!! To celebrate the return of edunny to Ireland, we set out bright and early to catch the crack of dawn Enterprise train deal. It was Stu and the ladies as we were joined enroute by downwithdigital (newly christened popomoresara) at the bustling Portadown stop.

Despite a rather windy and wintry feeling day, we managed to stay warm and have a great time eating (any suggestions on how to get BB to forgive us for going to Waga without her greatly appreciated!), drinking (worry not, no Guinness for moi), walking around, snapping lots of photos, laughing very hard, talking quite a lot and just generally soaking up the fair city. We also had the unique pleasure of visiting the National Gallery of Ireland with our own resident art expert dwd!

And the best part?? We still have tomorrow off!


the goose and the goat said...

nice carhart hoody stu!!

Anonymous said...

looks like a fun day... ;-)