Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stream of consciousness

Oh, but I do love a good weekend.

Last night we went to see Frost Nixon and give it two thumbs up. It's really well done with very good character and plot development. I know Watergate is one of the epic scandals in American political history, but you can't help but think probably every president has done things as dodgy but old Tricky Dick just got caught. I didn't know anything about David Frost before watching the film and Stu remarked that Frost interviewing Nixon is kind of like Jonathan Ross - lovable rogue that he is! - interviewing George Bush, which is a funny thought.

Maybe I'm overly empathetic these days, but I left the theatre feeling kind of sad for Nixon but that is probably just because the film does such a good job of portraying him as something of an outsider who fell so far from glory. I am sure also I share a different perspective as I am many decades removed from Vietnam and therefore don't share the anger of that age. I would be interested to hear what people who lived through the Nixon era think of it. Come to think of it, I suppose Nixon is partially responsible for some of the cynicism within the American electorate that people have been so ecstatic to take a breather from with the arrival of Obama!

Have just been out for a walk this evening around East Belfast in the crisp Northern Ireland winter air (we're talking 3C here people.) It was lovely. I did have a sad thought on my trek though - walked by a really nice little bungalow on Circular Road that was bought by a developer obviously during the boom. Now that we are well and truly experiencing the bust (no matter what Gordon says) the windows are boarded up, the grass is overgrown and the local hoods (didn't know there were many of them up in those posh parts) have grafittied the front of it. It's sad because it was a perfectly lovely 1960's era family home with a nice big yard that quite frankly didn't need knocking down to be replaced with 10 squishy over priced flats in the first place. Okay, rant done, but I just thought it was sad.

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