Monday, January 26, 2009

My little Mars Bar

I had a great Monday!!! This morning we had our 20 week scan and I am still smiling thinking of the amazing experience. Slightly nervous and very excited, Stu and I looked intently at the computer screen trying to decipher different body parts from the grey and black lines and curves wiggling about on the screen. During the scan the sonographer kindly took lots of time while measuring and checking around to explain different aspects of our baby to us - she pointed out facial features, thigh bones and arm bones and four ventricles in the little heart which was pumping away (but no gender hints which was good with us because we do love a good surprise!)

When I asked how big the baby was, she said, 'about the size of a Mars bar' which struck us both as funny! In addition to a kidney bean, a size 5 shoe and a honey dew melon, we have now added that sweet descriptor to the whole host of great comparisons that have been drawn to describe the baby's size at various stages!


katevp-a said...

woo hoo!! that is one cute little baby!!

are we taking guesses yet? i guess a boy.

i don't know why, that's just my guess!

michelle said...

Yay baby! It must be so exciting to get your first pic!

Sounds like the pregnancy is going well, which is great! However, having just read this article, I felt I should warn you about what is to come:

Nancy Jean said...

my guess is a girl. but brucer, thinks a boy too kate!

Danielle said...

Your little mars bar is perfect! I am venturing a guess for boy! congratulations and all the best in your pregnancy!