Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year (six days in!)

Well, it's 2009!! As we turned a corner to another year, while others made resolutions left, right and centre, for probably the first time in a long time I didn't think about revitalising (or for that matter embarking on) a fitness regime. In fact, I can say with near certainty that from here until late spring I am actually going to gain weight - get this - on purpose :) *lol*

Still somewhat groggy from the night before's shenanigans (par-tay at Anon's and then Skyping with the rents until 3am!), on New Year's Day we headed down to Dublin to catch a flight to Bournemouth to visit Stu's lovely sister and family. I am pretty confident that we are blessed to have the three bestest nieces in the whole world so it was exciting to get over and spend some time together in their rural paradise on the South Coast. We got good and muddy walking in the New Forest, played a whole lot of Wii (Stu's officially addicted and I am officially crap), sat cozily by the fire with hot chocolate and a bonkers game of Clue/Cluedo and did some pretty mean light painting in the expansive darkness of the countryside. A good way to start an exciting new year!

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