Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheer up!

At the risk of people thinking all I do is watch movies, I have another recommendation for you! Happy Go Lucky is a wonderful film and completely refreshing compared with the usual fare in the video store (can you still call it a video store?) these days. Set in London, the film follows Poppy who is an irrepressibly happy primary school teacher. It's hard to describe (I find I often say that when 'reviewing' movies and books!) but I can say that Stu and I found it both funny, touching, and even thought provoking. As the blurb on the film's website asks, 'Just how hard is it to be happy?' (Deep thoughts for a Sunday night!)

Having recently passed my driving test, I especially appreciated some of the moments between Poppy and her driving instructor (although I should quickly clarify that I drew no comparison between my great teacher and her crazy one!) Interestingly, a bit of online background reading revealed that the film is shot in director Mike Leigh's style where the director and actors improvise the scenes before they are shot and this made for very natural dialogue and great comedy timing. Sally Hawkins is both hilarious and lovable as Poppy - I notice that she's up for a Golden Globe award tonight for best actress in a musical or comedy and I'm rooting for her!


Michelle said...

I want to see this movie too! It looks so fun.

We ended up seeing The Spirit last night - it's based on a comic book and is directed by Frank Miller, the guy who wrote Sin City, so it has a very similar style (though it's less disturbing than Sin City). It was good, but the dialogue was purposefully camp and over exaggerated and most of the audience didn't get the humour. We liked it well enough (Samuel Jackson is great), but had originally planned on seeing Slumdog Millionaire, which was unfortunately sold out (first time this has happened to us in London). Our second choice - Defiance - was sold out too! Guess people are too in January skint for a night of drinking! :)

katevp-a said...

Sally Hawkins just won a golden globe!

looking forward to watching this movie!

love kate