Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Boss(es)

This morning after church Stu and I headed to out for our weekly dose of coffee and newspapers (we know this DINK-esque ritual will probably come to an abrupt end in the spring, but for now let the good times roll!) As a big fan of both Springsteen and President Elect Obama, I was delighted to read this interview (complete with free download!) which was the cover story for Observer Music Monthly.

Thinking ahead to Inauguration Day on Tuesday (believe it or not Dunny got a ticket!!), I was interested (and yes, inspired) by this excerpt from Springsteen's Cleveland speech during Obama's campaign -

"I spent most of my life as a musician measuring the distance between the American dream and American reality. For many... the distance between that dream and their reality has never been greater or more painful. I believe Senator Obama has taken the measure of that distance in his own life and work. I believe he understands in his heart the cost of that distance in blood and suffering in the lives of everyday Americans. I believe as president he would work to bring that dream back to life.

"So I don't know about you, but I want my country back, I want my dream back. Now is the time to stand together with Barack Obama and Joe Biden and the millions of Americans that are hungry for a new day, roll up our sleeves and come on up for the rising."

In other news, January semi-frugality continues . . . I seem to be border-line obsessive about having a well stocked freezer (not sure this is a pregnancy thing or just a me thing) so yesterday afternoon while listening to the fantastic Imelda May on Dermot O'Leary I went slightly overboard and made ratatouille, sweet potato curry, oatmeal raisin cookies and banana bread. This afternoon my slow cooker has been dusted off for beef bourguignon which I'm quite looking forward to - any good recipes or bits of crock pot wisdom out there gladly accepted!


stu said...

I applaud your cooking fest! Yum yum!

Wondering said...

Don't forget to teach Stu how to use the microwave to defrost all your goodies when KidneyBean puts in an appearance!

Anonymous said...

Beef bourguigon... a fine dish ;)

Anonymous said...

or however you spell it!

John Self said...

I am confident that the coffee and papers ritual will continue past June! At least so I am told by my friends who are already parents! While the baby is still under 6-9 months or so, ie pretty much stays where you left him (or her), you can bring him around all the places you normally go. Or that's what they tell me. They might be just trying to ease me in gently.

We ordered a BabyBjorn carrier and it arrived this week. Very exciting, can't wait to try it with a full cargo!