Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Booking it

Did you do any good holiday reading? Over the break I read The Story of Marriage which was kindly passed on to me by Beth. Truth be told Ms B gave it me a long time ago, but I am a horribly sporadic reader and lately have found that any time I might have normally spent reading before bed gets subsumed by the seductive lure of sleep.

Anyway, this won't be much of a review as I don't want to reveal anything from the story (there are a few key unexpected elements!) but I will say I really enjoyed the story and found it very engaging. If you're interested, it's reviewed here by Mr Self (but be warned as he didn't like it!)

All booky recommendations gladly accepted as I am hoping that there will be more reading to come. After a busy busy December (is it ever not?) I am quite looking forward to bit of nothing this January. So far our new year spirit of simplicity and frugality (credit crunch meets impending maternity leave!) has included mining the depths of our freezer and using up all kinds of delightful leftovers.

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