Monday, December 8, 2008

Market Mania

A big thank you to everyone who came down to the Market on Saturday to visit Knitwear Deli!! We had a really fantastic day with a unexpectedly high volume of sales (hurrah Christmas cash) and lots of very positive responses. The Market was absolutely packed with people and there were lots of interesting stalls with some really beautiful crafts. For us, the satisfaction of selling our wares was added to by opportunities throughout the day to catch up with all the friends that came by for a visit!


katevp-a said...

Jules! all your knitwear is deee-lightful!!

I am currently working on a cowl for Roslyn.

Hopefully it will turn out as cool looking as i imagine in my mind.

wish i could have stopped by the deli!

love kvpa

Nancy Jean said...

i second that.
kate, let's go stop by the deli together! ;)


The Loeppkys said...

Have you guys considered opening a little shop on Etsy? I would love to buy some baby hats or something :)

Alan in Belfast said...

I went past the stall, and my brain told me that I recognised one of the faces behind the table. But we were in a hurry - Littl'un was declaring her hunger - and I went on.

Then I saw this blog post and the photo at the bottom. And of course, it was you! So sorry we didn't stop to say hello.

I'll look out for a Christmas tree in the neighbourhood decorated with knitted balls and big felt star!

Beginning to think we need an East Belfast bloggers get together over Christmas/New Year - maybe an long lunch somewhere down the Belmont Road!

stu said...

Exactly the sort of activity we need in these tough financial times - Gordon Brown would be proud!!

AIB - been thinking of something along the same lines - a very good idea!