Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deck the Halls

I think it's safe to say that APYOC's new look makes me appear more than slightly obsessed with all things Christmas. After getting my oh so nifty Christmas countdown widget, I came this close to getting one counting down to Baby's arrival but thought that perhaps it's a bit early, or perhaps just a bit intimate (still not entirely accustomed to talking about activity inside my body!) Watch this space.

I set up our Christmas tree on Sunday night (30th November yes - but at least it was after American Thanksgiving so I think I'm okay!) Being only three feet tall, the whole process took all of four minutes.

When I was young we always went and got a real pine tree from a stall outside Safeway or the Co-op (don't worry, I'm not going to pretend we were uber-Canuckian and chopped it down in the forest ourselves.) Following the exciting occasion of picking the tree - and the mostly stressful experience of bringing it home and getting it to stand up straight (no mean feat) in the wonky tin stand - there was always the agonising experience of waiting for it to warm up and spread out so the decorating could begin. You see, a tree that's been bundled up in minus 30 weather does need a chance to acclimatise before it will spread its boughs. I remember this day long wait (yes, a whole day!) as being more than a bit torturous. You probably won't be surprised to read that I was an impatient child.

Converse to my happy childhood memories, our modelle plastique was purchased at the soon to be no more Woolies a few years ago for the admirable sum of £2.99. We sortof contemplated upgrading to a bigger one this year but then credit crunch sensibilities prevailed. Ended up sticking with the mini tree because we like the cosy glow it casts across (let's be honest) our small room and also next year we'll have a wee Kidney Bean crawling around (well, maybe not quite crawling) but no doubt at least threatening to pull any tree over no matter the size and we'll probably have to put all decorations up on a table anyway. (Interesting to note how my pregnant brain cannot stop planning/obsessing about life in the baby era!)

Oh, and I'm still sneezing, in case you're interested.

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