Monday, December 29, 2008


Hope all have had a good Christmas and you are enjoying this season of love, joy and eating chocolate! We have been 'offline' for several days, enjoying the B&B Chez Noble in Lisburn which has been highly relaxing. We're both amazed how quickly time flies when you're chilling out and doing quite a lot of not much :)

Christmas itself was great (apart from a nasty Christmas Eve cold) with a goodly amount of scrummy turkey with all the trimmings and then some compliments of L Noble chef extraordinaire! Gifts included a lovely watch from the ever thoughtful Stu, Bake by Rachel Allen (drool) and some gorgeous clothes in those very thoughtful packages that arrived from Canada a few weeks ago. And yes, as if all that was not enough, I am now trolling the internet for a January sale on a sewing machine (advice gladly accepted!) and looking with great aspirations at Amy Butler patterns. Boxing Day (and truthfully, the few days following it!) was traditional in that fantastic all-day pjs and watching tv kind of way.

We grudgingly decided we should eventually go back to being grown up so today made the long trek back to East Belfast in time for the highlight of meeting up with some of the Belmont Road Bloggers for lunch! You might think seven people who have never met getting together could be slightly awkward, but it was really good fun and conversation. This afternoon we ventured into town (humming with credit crunch shoppers greedily pilfering the sale racks) and I picked these swishy new specs (purple!) to replace the ones that I broke with impeccable timing right before Christmas.


Alan in Belfast said...

Thanks for coming along at lunchtime ... it was delightful to meet in real life. Best wishes for 2009.

Michelle said...

ooooh! Love the new glasses - very funky! :)

p.s. Finally (re)started my crafty blog: