Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Milk 'n Cookies

The ever clever DwD just sent me this link to Gourmet magazine's favourite cookie recipes from 1941-2008. Drool. I think some holiday baking might just be coming soon to a kitchen near me.

Are you getting in the Christmas spirit yet? It certainly feels like proper winter out there (granted, not the Sasky minus thirty version) what with the pitch dark nights and the cold wind. Being that we're well into November now I have been tentatively considering becoming Christmas-y, mostly because I've recently been enjoying making felted greeting cards in preparation for Knitwear Deli's long awaited return to St George's for the fantastic Christmas Craft Fair on December 6th. See you there? :)

Also, last week we did our annual Secret Santa gift draw with Clan Noble which always elicits queries about what each person is hoping for in the area of gifts. That, of course, got me thinking during my recent visit to Waterstones. One nice treat that is definitely on my list is Rachel Allen's new book Bake. I was pleased to see, when leafing through it while sipping a latte at my favourite coffee shop in the bookstore (how great is that?), that there are lots of savory recipes as well as some scrummy looking cakes and cookies. Any other must have cook book suggestions (or otherwise!) for my wish list?

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