Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cut and paste

Have had a lovely therapeutic night. Stu was out at a groaner of a meeting, so glue gun in hand I happily settled myself down to do a bit of card making in preparation for the fast approaching Christmas Craft Fair. My yuletide craftiness was well accompanied by a few installments of the most excellent Vinyl Cafe podcast. And there you were saying my life was getting a bit dull . . .


katevp-a said...

ha ha!

I am totally doing the same thing tonight! I was in charge of making our church Christmas party invites, and I decided to start my card making. I'll have to post some soon.

i love the felt!

and what font is that julie b?

i thought of you guys today... something specific triggered the memory... but i forget... oh yeah! i drove down Belfast St.

miss you a lot!!

love kate

Michelle said...

Sounds like a lovely evening! :)

The cards look great too!

John Self said...

Showed this post to Mrs Self and she was very envious!