Monday, October 6, 2008

Sleepless in Saskatoon

We made it! After a smooth trip over it was fabulous to arrive to warm and sunny Saturday afternoon in Saskatoon.

Some things I liked about the trip included really fast connections (horrah for not sitting in LHR or YYZ for hours at a time!) making the trip a mere 18 hours instead of the usual 24 (queue sympathetic response here). Also, we had personal movie screens from TdotOdot to S'toon which was great. Watched What Happens in Vegas which was surprisingly funny! Oh yeah, we also had a flight attendant that reminded both Stu and me of francophone version of Al Pacino circa The Insider which was a definite highlight.

Some things I did not like about the trip included Air Canada's inability to seat us together on any of our flights! This made me feel grumpy. We had to play a serious game of seat chess (I traded four times!) to end up together. Also, the movies were absolutely dire on our long flight - Sorry Beth, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I completely don't get the whole Indiana Jones thing. Having never watched one before (yes, it's true) I thought I will give the new one with old Harrison (sad sad earring and all) a go. Totally passed me by! It was made only slightly better by the fact that I was able to knit a hat for my nephew for the entire journey as my bamboo needles seemed to slide by the crack airport security teams undetected!

All in all everything's grand except perhaps the minor annoyance of being wide awake at odd times in the middle of the night. There is no time for nursing jet lag as straight away yesterday we went to fantastic wedding shower for my sister hosted by our kind and generous aunts which was lovely (and had the added handy benefit from my perspective of gathering many relatives and friends together all at once.) It's vunderbar to be home with my family!

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Michelle said...

Melatonin is your friend when you are suffering from jet lag! You can pick some up at Shoppers - I take one before bed to help me fall asleep, but the directions say you can take more if you like. It's not available in Britain and therefore possibly not available in N.I. so stock up while you're in Canada!

Have a great time!