Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prodigal Blogger

Not even a bit sure where the time has gone since I last posted! Well, just in case you've been dying from suspense to know if Eminem (that's N and M, har) actually got hitched, I'm delighted to report that they tied the knot on a sunny autumn day in beautiful Saskatoon. Our bride looked AMAZING and everything was just perfect from start to finish. Highlights included a canoeing bride and groom, lovely speeches, scrummy Thanksgiving dinner and a packed dance floor the whole night long! It was a true celebration!!! Handily the wedding presented us with a unique opportunity to see lots of friends and family that we don't usually get to connect with which was really so wonderful. Click here to see many (many!) quality photos of the main event by Stu.

After the nuptuals, there was much cleaning and returning of rented tables etc to be done and then finally some well earned relaxation for us two weary travellers and my parents up at the cabin which was just lovely. Stu poetically calls the cabin 'the spiritual home of Always Paddle' which I kinda like, since I'm usually wishing I was there whenever I start blogging lyrical about home. We fired up the cookstove, lounged around, went for walks and just generally chilled out. My dad and I enjoyed watching the non-event that was the 2008 Canadian election together, yelling and throwing popcorn at the TV as the commentators completely ignored reporting any races outside of Toronto!

After cabining there was a bit more time for catching up with friends and family in Saskatoon and then it was time for goodbyes which I won't dwell on now as they are truly awful and seem to be getting more so as time goes on. Sigh. We had an uneventful trip home (which is good) and then it was time to go back to work and life as we know it. I managed to be only somewhat zombie-ish at work but definitely enjoyed my after work naps (excused by jet lag I would like to think) this week while Stu had to go to London for work which meant more lack of sleep for him. Sad to think that already a week has passed since we were home.

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