Saturday, October 11, 2008


Nancy and the MJ are getting married TOMORROW! We've had a busy and fun week of list checking, errand running, detail discussing, thanking our lucky stars for Kate and yes, there has been partying as well! Soon it'll be time for the main event (and we won't mention the possibility of snow!)

Paparazzi Stu (who, judging by his FB activity of late, clearly doesn't have all that much to do in Sasky!) has been chronicling our adventures with some fun photo journalism available here (and he has been warned of dire unnamed consequences if he publishes one more photo in my pj's!)


Nancy Jean said...

APYOC - i think it is high time for a posting! ;)

Stu said...

I know - she's been a bit slack of late!
NJ - where is saskatoonraspberrypie?? C'mon!