Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Karate Chop Chop

I am just recently home from my BodyCombat class and am still laughing. I had a new instructor tonight who, for some reason that to me still remains a mystery, felt compelled to shout little pearls of pop psychology wisdom into the microphone against a background of very loud dance music. Jab, cross, hook . . . 'You must love yourself!' . . . Roundhouse, sidekick . . . 'You must believe in yourself!' . . . Scissor kick . . . 'Let's count our blessings ladies!' Seriously. Now, don't get me wrong, I love this workout. And well, as funny as a room full of 30 sweaty women kicking, punching and hiya-ing (okay, well, I don't really hiya) might look, it's certainly therapeutic after yet another frustrating day chained to the desk. It certainly makes you sweat and yes, it clears away the cobwebs. But the earnest Dr Phil exhortations were, perhaps, a kick too far.


Nancy Jean said...

that is too funny.

katevp said...

julie bn.

i too am stuck in hyphen land. i had originally planned on changing my name fully to Anderson, but then i lost our marriage certificate and then all of sudden 2 years have past and suddenly the idea of losing van patter is sad.

you think Broten-Noble is confusing? take a look at Van Patter-Anderson.

yowza! (i only wish my mom would have done the hyphen.... Van Impe-Van Patter...imagine toi!

Matthew Nancy said...

10X. i am just wondering why you don't go for the Van Panderson name duo? as if that doesn't go so well together. ;)