Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Truths

I am watching the evening news and have basically concluded that the world is falling apart, what with all the collapsing banks etc. This, combined with the fact that we basically had no daylight today (and no, last time I checked this is not the Land of the Midnight Sun), has made for something of a morose Monday!

When in doubt . . . knit! For all you craft-skeptics out there, check out this story just to find out how hip and happenin' all we knitters really are. If, on the other hand, you are not averse to enjoying a bit of cake with your stocking stitch (who doesn't really?) you might also enjoy this article (as spotted by the Curly Singer) which applies a bit of high brow typically Guardian-style analysis to the recent trend toward domesticity. Don't panic though - I'm a good ways off from starting my own WI!


Michelle said...

FYI - the link to the second article doesn't seem to be working.

I liked the BBC article - especially the caption under the photo of the man knitting...'can seem very attractive'...of course they put in a pic of a guy who's attractive anyway! :)

And I went to a WI meeting when I first moved here. It was okay - mostly young women actually. But it wasn't as fun as my knitting group!

Julie said...

link fixed :)