Monday, August 4, 2008

The Dubliners

We're smiling in these mug shots because we're at the wonderful Wagamama. Our late lunch was a great ending to a lovely day out in Dublin with Stu's parents, Derek and Lesley. Never one to sniff at a bargain, I had booked us some killer cheap train tickets on the Enterprise (the promo's on until the end of August!)

On the sightseeing front, we have often thought of going on the tour of Kilmainham Jail and were really glad that we made the effort this trip - Visiting friends and family be warned, I will now be adding this to my list of recommendations as it's very good for modern Irish history. We also managed to cram in breakfast at Avoca (I know we're predictable but really, why mess with a good thing?), a bit of shopping on buzzy Grafton Street (a sundress for me and crime fiction for Stu in readiness for our fast approaching hols) and even time for some mid-afternoon refreshments at the lovely Cafe en Seine.

All in all the big day out was only marred ever so slightly by having to share our very crowded train home with many - shall we say - 'enthusiastic' football fans, not to mention their requisite air horns and tins of Harp. Charming.


scrabopower said...

Kilmainham Gaol's brilliant!

whynotsmile said...

How bizarre... I sometimes read your blog, cos you seem to know lots of people I know, even though I don't know who you are... but it turns out I know your parents-in-law!! They used to go to my church.

I like when stuff like that happens.

I like your blog too, by the way...