Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brangelina and other stories

This blog entry will not be long because I have the honourable intention of getting to bed early tonight . . . Unfortunately I keep getting distracted with other pressing and important tasks like reading a Vanity Fair article about Angelina Jolie (who I generally find really very annoying) which is how I spent the last 15 minutes . . . Speaking of, I had a peak at the much sought after family pics while grocery shopping yesterday, and let's just say imho while all six(!) of the children are lovely looking I'm not entirely convinced that the snaps are worth the rumored $11 million!

Anyway, Hello magazine tells me that the new Jolie-Pitt twins were born in Nice and what do you know, that's where we're off to tomorrow night!! (How's that for a tangential link huh?) Only one more day of work to go before the week off which, if you ask me at this moment, is one day too many . . .

On a completely random side note, if you're a fan of a good homemade curry, try this completely scrummy Chicken Tikka Masala recipe which I enjoyed all the more because it was made with TLC by the Stu the other night. While the recipe's not exactly French (okay, not at all), the chef John Burton Race has a cookbook called French Leave so there you go.

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