Saturday, July 5, 2008

What's goin' on . . .

We saw Smart People at the cinema earlier this week. It was really good - quite like The Squid and the Whale I suppose (which I also liked.) Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker were good, but I know I am not alone in love love loving Ellen Page and of course Thomas Haden Church who is just wonderful. The whole movie night outing coupled with a trip to the amazing Boojum (drool!) was arranged by the lovely Stu in an effort to console me after having to say goodbye to C and R at the airport. I'm so not a fan of the goodbyes (but then, who is really?) Few too many of them in my life for my liking!

Today I marketed which was good - continuing to have really good reaction to the wonder that is Knitwear Deli :) and sold quite a few knit kits which was fun. There's really no predicting what will sell and if things will be busy or not, but it's always interesting to see how the day unfolds. The only downside really is having to get up at bloody half six on a Saturday morning - I was especially unimpressed as it was absolutely chucking it down (an apt expression in this case!)

While at the market I bought some coriander/cilantro and basil plants to keep my rosemary plant from R company! Have to say, I am thrilled to bits at the idea of having herbs out my front door. (Here's hoping the neighbourhood lovelies don't see fit to abscond with my planters.)

Tonight we are chilling which suits me just fine. I am drinking wine and listening to Duffy which I just bought with the help of Itunes. I also, but the power of text, got dear Beth to buy me a pair of to die for Camper shoes at the shop in Dublin. Amazing how proficiently I can spend money without even leaving my living room! Genius.

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