Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Stu and I got married five years ago today! This is a very short note as I'm dashing out the door to work (last morning before a week off - hurrah!) but wanted to post a pic on this special day to commemorate half a decade together (and yes, typing that is making me feel old!)


make money said...

Well its nice.

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Stu said...

Nice? Bit of an understatement!!

katevp said...

oh hurrah! my fave pic of your wedding day! 5 years... congrats!!

you guys are awesome.

love kate

Sara said...

Congratulations (and hello from steamy Philadelphia!) Dare I say Stu looks very young in that photo?!

Stu said...

"Steamy" - what exactly are you up to over there? And yes, you are more than welcome to point out my youthfulness!