Sunday, July 20, 2008

Denial is a river in Egypt

I ask you, how could nine whole non-work days have managed to zoom by so quickly? I demand a recount . . .

So we're home from Sligo after a great (very busy) week away. Stu and I were well and truly wrecked (read tired) when we got home on Friday evening but a fairly restful weekend has managed to remedy that for the most part. Skillfully ignoring the laundry and housework, I spent yesterday afternoon trolling the sales trying on many a little black dress for the Ninnygoat's October boda. Happily I found one in Monsoon that I love love love (and it was reduced - even better!) so that's fun.

Am planning an early-ish night tonight in the hope of being all bright-eyed for work (not likely) as the scintillating task of culling emails after being off awaits. Come to think of it, peppermint tea and a chapter of The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets might also be in order . . . Par-tay.

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