Saturday, June 28, 2008


Stu got back to Belfast after a few days away in London yesterday. I'm glad he's home to distract me from the fact that IT'S STILL RAINING!!! I was also glad it was Friday evening - probably my bestest time of the week. Wild child(s) that we are, we had stir-fry and watched West Wing (we've gone back to the very beginning, and don't think I'm too sad, but it's better than ever!)

What with all the rain and requisite sitting on the couch, I'm knitting this cardi in what is best described as periwinkle. So far so good. I've done the back and am on sleeve number one. In my humble opinion as a yarn snob, sometimes Sirdar can be a bit granny-y (no offense to the grannies!) but I think this will be nice. Got the pattern and yarn in Annie Twaddle's shop (yes, really!) in Ballymoney.

I like weekends.

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katevp said...

jules, we too have just started going through the west wing again. this time we are buying them season by season off of ebay.

oh how i laughed and laughed when josh fell off his chair when donna had it sent out for repairs. we just finished season 1 (so suspenseful!!) and are waiting with baited breath for season 2 to arrive in the mail.