Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Page Turner

I am a bad blogger and, shamefully, an even worse reader. As with the blog, I am a sporadic literary - when I hit one good novel I usually then go on a roll but I must admit that long periods of time can go by when only magazines and newspapers manage to grab my attention for a few minutes before my head hits the pillow . . . My love of the Amazon DVD club might have something to do with this and, come to think of it, what I really need to do is master the skill of knitting while reading . . .

Anyhow, my new O Magazine arrived through the door yesterday (yes, I subscribe, yes, I love it and no, I am not ashamed so all you Oprah skeptics sit tight!) and the theme of the magazine (yes, the magazine has a theme) is 'A good book' so I am looking forward to a whack of new recommendations!

All that to say, what are you APYOC readers into this summer? Drop me a comment and share your top titles for the beach or the couch (chick lit welcome!)


katevp said...


i just picked up that copy of O today for the booky reason!!!

it's nice to have a little sameness from all the way over the ocean isn't it?

i hope you are stu-bird are well.

hopefully i will be seeing you at thanksgiving!!

love you!


B said...

The Princess Bride - you must!

Red Birds by Rick Bragg is good too.