Monday, June 30, 2008

Freecycle it

So I joined Freecycle Belfast a few days ago. I had read/heard about the Freecycle concept in the newspapers on various occasions, and being (1) hopefully earth friendly at least some of the time, (2) a lover of free stuff and (3) nosey about what fun and curious items people might be trying to get rid of, I finally got in gear and signed up to the local message board.

What fun!! I have somehow managed to subscribe to the instant email notification which means that whenever somebody posts, I get a message. (Yeah - fun and slightly annoying in terms of email overload!) Anyhoo, so far I've many a message for all manner of baby and kids stuff (toys, car seats . . . ), garden stuff (pots, cacti . . .), broken down bikes, computer bits, appliances in all manner of disrepair, spare windows, worn out furniture, pieces of wood . . . you get the picture. And yet, everytime my email pings (I am a slave to the ping!) I can't resist rushing to the Mac for a quick recky. Who knows, maybe this will be the time when the sewing machine I covet so is offered? You can't win if you're not in.

I shouldn't be facetious - Even as a new member, so far I have managed to score myself some yarn from a lady who lives just up the street. Being a hoarder of all things yar, this made me happy. I also was able to donate an old bike that's been collecting spider webs in our back yard for too long to a man called Maurice (pronounced Morris here, I am told) who refurbs them and sends them to Africa. Not bad for a few emails.

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