Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eat yer greens

Along with her winning smile and staggering aptitude for organising a spice cupboard and planting a window box, my sister-in-law R kindly brought the Rebar cookbook to Belfast.

Oh, veggie goodness! It's full of fresh and healthy recipes, and Stu and I are contemplating going all Rebar all the time for July (all or nothing I say), just for a summery change. This afternoon in an effort to console myself as it's Canada Day long weekend and we're here in the rain doing nothing remotely Canadian (which should involve a lake) I cooked Monk's Curry. Picked for its good name and the fact that I had most of the ingredients in the fridge already, it was a tasty dinner. All in all, I enjoyed being in the kitchen just for the fun of it and when all's said and done find myself moderately consoled (in case you were worried.)


Anonymous said...

It was very good. Delicious in fact. But who is monk?


dunny said...

I look forward to a july of rebar recommendations!