Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Duvet Day

I had to go to Scotland on Monday for work. That sounds fun, but in practice it just meant a very early morning and too much time spent on planes, trains and automobiles. One perk, I have to admit, was getting a chance to quickly duck into John Lewis in Glasgow to visit their lovely haberdashery department to get myself some lovely Cashmerino. Mmmmmm.

To be fair, I suppose my normally eager traveling spirit was more than a little bit dampened by a serious case of the sniffles. (Which, incidentally, was how I justified taking myself out to dinner to Glasgow's Wagamama for some spicy noodle soup.) After dragging myself halfway through the work week sustained by some serious amounts of Sinutab, I ended up spending today in bed sneezing, sleeping, reading and yes, knitting.

This afternoon I dug into some of my newly acquired stash and made this tomato beanie pattern that I've been eying for sometime. Think these fruit and veg hats will go down a treat at the Knitwear Deli stall when the weather gets cooler (or, come to think of it now, since autumn seems to have arrived already!) Sorry that my pic's a bit wick - must borrow a baby to model the wares!

1 comment:

katevp said...

jules, i love the hat!

also, were you aware of the scandolousness of the other meanings of wick? i am sure you are!

love you!