Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blown away

It was warm and sunny here for about two and a half (okay, three) weeks in May. Now, as gale force winds threaten to hit the UK today, apparently summer was over before it officially began. Shoot. Me. Now.

Okay, I'm over it (and looking very forward to our week in the south of France in August!)

Despite the weather, we've been having a wonderful time with our company. It's been so fun to have C and R here, and we've enjoyed just hanging out, cooking meals together and exploring Belfast and further afield. (As an aside, we love visitors, so don't be shy!) I think they've managed to hit most of the highlights in the Fromer's Ireland guide, and after extensive investigation, I think we're all agreed that The Spaniard is our pick of the pubs in the Cathedral Quarter.

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