Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I have a knitting desk calendar (evidence that, among other things, my Stu is a pretty dang good gift buyer!) Anyway, my tip of the day this morning was to be willing to give up on something when you know it's not working. In short when it comes to all things yarn there is no shame in frogging!

I have been working on Green Gable for a few weeks now and gave it special effort over the week away. I finished the body tonight and eagerly slipped it on only to discover that a few of the misgivings I've been feeling while working in the round are sadly true. It's slightly big and the pale green colour, while nice and summery, shows every stitch (or mis-stitch as the case may be!) Trying to be frugal, I had used some stash yarn (apologies to non-knitters - this post is plumb full of the stitchy jargon) and I had kindof suspected that it wouldn't quite be right. Lessons learned include trust your instinct and don't be afraid to splurg on the right yarn(!)

Anyhoo, I still have to finish the sleeves and I am hoping to decrease size in blocking (I am such a blocking novice so not sure how that will go!) so I may yet be delighted with the finished object - fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

I'm not all that great at blocking either. Hope it all work out.

I hate to frog....kindof breaks my heart a little but you've got to sometimes.

Happy Day!!

katevp said...

jules, i long ago had to decide that turly to be a knitter you have to love knitting. i need to be happy to knit knit knit and not always be looking ahead to the finished product otherwise it is so easy to be frustrated and sad and wanting to give up. it makes it easier to go back and fix that whole row of wrong stitching 25 rows back... le sigh...
how is the crafty crafters going?