Monday, May 26, 2008

Loadza news!

The past couple of weeks have been busy and full of good stuff. Where should I start?? The biggest and the best news of all is that my dear sister Nancy and her main man Matt got engaged!! We are so very delighted for them - wedding planning is all go and I'm doing my best to chip in from afar (boo hoo) which mostly involves surfing websites for pretty dresses :)

Phew! What's next? Feel like I'm trying to cram a bit too much into one post (that'll teach me for being a delinquent blogger!) I must mention that last weekend we spent a lovely couple of days in the idyllic countryside of Fermanagh with clan Noble toasting my in-laws who are forty years married next week! It was a special highlight to spend time with our lovely and often hilarious nieces and nephew.

The next big thing was kicking off work early one evening last week to head to Dublin to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band live in concert - it was absolutely amazing night with a crowd of 30,000 strong outdoors at the RDS. Bruce (as I like to call him) was really incredible (the fact that he's pushing sixty doesn't seem to be of any consequence) and I am now a devoted (read completely and totally smitten!) fan!!

And with that, I come to this lovely bank holiday weekend. While it pissed down on rest of the UK it was gorgeous sunshine here (that literally never happens!!) which was most excellent. We got all energetic yesterday and headed to Newcastle where we went on a 'walk' up Slieve Donard, Ireland's tallest peak. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I have to relay a very funny moment when I was determinedly (and yes, slightly red-faced) trudging up the last steep bit, only to be met by a smiling six year old on his merry way down! The view was lovely and the wild sea wind at the peak blew all our city-living cobwebs away. Today was spent sorting piles of paper and stuff (needs must!) that seems to accumulate so quickly in our wee house and then sunbathing in our local park. How lovely. I have come to the conclusion that every Monday should be a holiday . . . just sayin'.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I have a knitting desk calendar (evidence that, among other things, my Stu is a pretty dang good gift buyer!) Anyway, my tip of the day this morning was to be willing to give up on something when you know it's not working. In short when it comes to all things yarn there is no shame in frogging!

I have been working on Green Gable for a few weeks now and gave it special effort over the week away. I finished the body tonight and eagerly slipped it on only to discover that a few of the misgivings I've been feeling while working in the round are sadly true. It's slightly big and the pale green colour, while nice and summery, shows every stitch (or mis-stitch as the case may be!) Trying to be frugal, I had used some stash yarn (apologies to non-knitters - this post is plumb full of the stitchy jargon) and I had kindof suspected that it wouldn't quite be right. Lessons learned include trust your instinct and don't be afraid to splurg on the right yarn(!)

Anyhoo, I still have to finish the sleeves and I am hoping to decrease size in blocking (I am such a blocking novice so not sure how that will go!) so I may yet be delighted with the finished object - fingers crossed!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Here's a few shots from our holiday in the lovely Nerja! Had a lovely time and now that we're home feels like the week really flew by. Lots of highlights - early morning 1 euro best coffee ever, becoming an aspiring sun goddess (ginger style which means wearing factor 50 sunblock!), dulce de leche ice cream (mmmmm), knitting on the beach (you knew I would), night swimming in our own pool (posh!) and spending lots of time with friends including our ever-smiley godson Joe and the delightful swimming machine Bethan.

Friday, May 2, 2008


I've got beach books, bathing suit, fluffy new towel and my sunny g's. Check, check, check and check. All that's left is to cram it all in the suitcase and leave in the dead of the night (literally!) on a jet plane. Now that I'm home from work tonight and have a chance to catch my breath I am seriously glad this holiday has finally arrived! Totally ready for some R and R (but really, when are you not??)