Sunday, April 13, 2008

Young at heart

I was fifteen all over again today, driving around parking lots with my learner's license! Perhaps I should explain . . . Not having a car during university, combined with moving to the UK where I'm not legal (on so many levels) has meant that it's been a while since I've been behind the wheel. On top of that, those of you who know me well will probably agree that even in my younger days I was never a very good motorist (I'm okay with that.)

My skills notwithstanding, while in the rest of the UK I could just swap my Canadian credentials for British ones, thanks to the uniqueness of Northern Ireland that I've come to know and love so much, I get to start the whole driver training process from scratch. Living so close to work, church and city centre has meant that I haven't been horribly motivated to get going - to be honest bus, bike and my own personal chauffeur known as 'the Stu' suit me just fine for the most part - but I've finally gotten around to starting the process which includes lessons, a theory test and the dreaded road test . . . If you're out on the roads in Belfast give me a honk in the wee black Polo with L plates 'cause I'm coming your way!


The Clothesline said...

Have fun on those narrow roads, Julie. Don't forget about all your green options such as running, walking and riding!

Anonymous said...

Dear Julianne, good to hear about this. The skill will be useful for you for many years. I like the big "L". I did see that a lot over there. Robin

Nancy Jean said...


Nancy Jean said...

jbn, on behalf of nico and me - i think you need to be more diligent with the postings my friend!