Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's up with me these days . . .

I read the first three pages of Then We Came to the End while waiting for the bus this afternoon as the rain spit down on me. So far so funny - very reminiscent of Douglas Coupland (who I love.) I am, of course, willing to be proved wrong but the first three pages, which are now marked with drops of rain have made for a promising start. As a somewhat reluctant occupier of the veal fattening pens, I have to admit that office culture can be pretty dang funny if described by the right voice. My book cover's different though - I always find it interesting/funny how books in North America and the UK have completely different artwork.

I'm tired. Last night we hosted a Chilli Night at our church and 80 'hungry folk' came out. (Stu has a knack for artfully convincing me to commit to things that then proceed to stress me out but eventually turn out well in the end.) It was a really good night - tasty food, good atmosphere and lots of help so we were happy. Even managed to raise a bit of dosh for the church's building fund which is good too.

And yes, Ninny and Nico, I am a crap blogger lately - sortof having issues about being madly off in all directions most of the time - but here's a late night post just for you x


Nancy Jean said...

gracias a ti!

if it is good, pass the book along for a summer read. i will come pick it up :)

happy friday, sista.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing. Robin