Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pick of the week!

I exhort you! Go you immediately to your nearest movie theatre to watch Son of Rambow! It's a wonderful blend of eighties charm, delightful characters, fab soundtrack and an engaging story - oh, and I should mention that if you're not one for blood and guts (like me) don't worry because it doesn't actually have much to do with Rambo at all. Like I said - go now!

As you might've guessed, we are just home after a trip to the cinema. A bit of chillin' and illin' (whatever that means) was in order after a smashing day for Knitwear Deli at the market!! Ye ha - we sold lots of stuff with the added bonus that this time the great majority of our customers weren't related to us, which is always encouraging ;) We've introduced handmade cards and lovely pashmina's into our repetoire (yes, we're just full of good ideas!) which both went down a treat. Etsy shop coming soon . . .

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