Monday, March 24, 2008

Loving Monday . . . for a change

How great is Sunday night when you don't have to go to work on Monday morning? I know it's not profound, but there you have it.

Beth and I were craft-tastic yet again today, journeying bright and early to Portaferry for a little local craft fair. Easter at it's earliest in over 90 years didn't exactly make for balmy weather, and we ended up packing up around lunchtime, in between stints of rain and hail. It would seem that we are fair-weather marketers but I'm okay with that!

To my delight I returned to Stu in full spring cleaning mode giving the kitchen a full-on scrub (gotta love him!) Midst all the busy-ness of life I will admit that we can tend to be a bit lax on the housekeeping front but when he sets his mind to it I am lucky to be married to a near-professional cleaner. Our kitchen is now officially sparkling so if anyone's contemplating coming over for dinner in the near future I say seize the day!

Later in the afternoon we went out for a lovely lunch and then to a class at the gym. I then dragged Stu across town to see a very chicky flick at the cinema under the guise that a girl should basically get whatever she wants around her birthday, only to discover that it doesn't open until Thursday! I fear I won't be able to talk him into it the second time around . . .

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Nancy Jean said...

aahhhh, i wish i was there to go to 27 dresses with you!!! :) enjoy, nonetheless.