Saturday, March 8, 2008

A few thoughts

Gone gone gone, I been gone so long. Well, not gone really . . . just not bloggin'. Here's what's new . . .

Belfast has gone up a notch (or six) with the opening this week of the new Victoria Square. Ta daaaa! Peace brings prosperity, so they say and after a visit this morning I'm convinced. It's very well done and House of Fraser is especially swishy (Stu was wooed by the Pink stall.) Thank heaven now I have something other than mural tours to offer any of you lovelies that might be contemplating a visit!

In other news, I've started a new knitting project with a vengeance. I'm doing Ms Marigold in a popping purple. Come to think of it I should probably call it Ms Violet instead. I'm enjoying working on it but not sure if it will actually fit. I've been clicking away so much lately that my wrists are getting slightly sore from all the stitching. Occupational hazard.

Last but not least, I'm pleased to broadcast that the amazing Hawksley Workman is headed this way (thanks Ninny for the heads up!) He's playing in Dublin on the 29th April and we will be there.


The Clothesline said...

Hi Julie,

The link to your new knitting project doesn't seem to work. Wanted to tell you that last week at knitting someone brought two six year olds and they both sat down and knit with us - and one of them was a guy! The shopping square looks okay but I can shop anywhere so I'll opt for murals any day.

Armelle said...

Well written article.