Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Zen and the Art of Doing Absolutely Nothing

Stu and I are recently back from a great few days in County Mayo on Ireland's west coast. The drive was just over four hours (Canuck readers please note that that's long by UK standards!) but it was worth every kilometre when we arrived for a much appreciated dose of relaxation, posh style. The hotel and spa came complete with fuzzy white robes and slippers and if that doesn't say la-tee-da I don't know what does! We really love Westport - it's a lovely town in a stunning setting. Being that it was a mid-week break in February the hotel was super quiet and Stu and I noticed that it was just us and the pensioners enjoying our Irish breakfast each morning but being that we're not exactly party animals, we were okay with that.

It's back to life as usual today, but I'm (unusually) not complaining. Apparently all I need to not be a grumpy stress case is an expensive weekend in a fancy hotel. Who you calling high maintenance?

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