Thursday, February 28, 2008


It was a brush with fame for 'wee jul from Belfast' today. Perhaps I should explain . . . This evening after work we were driving home listening to BBC Radio 2's drive time show with the infamous ginga Chris Evans (pictured left). It's a pretty good show, if a bit middle aged just by virtue of being on Radio 2. I often listen when cooking dinner.

Anyway, as a regular feature on the show Mr Evans plays a new single and then listeners text in to vote if it's a hit or miss. Well, whadda ya know but the featured single tonight was from the very great Josh Ritter!! Delighted for the one and only Josh to get such mainstream exposure, I could scarcely contain myself. Ever the groupie, I immediately texted in to express my adoration which is hardly a secret. Anyhoo, to my delight my little old text was read out to the whole of the UK by 'What's in your locker cocker' Jonny! AND I am pleased to report that Josh's single was declared a sizzling hit (as if there were ever any doubt.)

Oh, and while we're on the topic, I should note that Josh Ritter and his band will be playing in none other than Saskatoon tomorrow night - giving me yet another reason to plead homesickness!!

I fear I sound like a bit of a fanatic.


The Noisy Plume said...


We can commiserate as expats together I suppose:)

So then, from one homesick Canuckadee to another I would suggest the following for temporary relief:
1. CBC Radio 3 podcasts as well as Quirks & Quarks, Q, and Vinyl Cafe.
2. Quarterly viewings of the Anne of Green Gables "trilogy".
3. Drinking tea from the Tim Horton tea set. Do you have one yet? If not, you'd best hurry up and send someone at home out to the shops to fetch it for you. I'll testify that it renders even the dreariest days bearable.

Stay well,

Anonymous said...

Dear Julie,

Hello to you and your fantastic husband. We miss you guys.

Thought you should know I saw Josh in concert last May here in Ottawa. It was a very good show - I was delighted to discover your appreciation for him. We've had an insane amount of snow this winter. The drifts came to about 6 inches below the TOP of our living room window. That is to say - 9 ft drifts outside our front window. You must come visit if you are ever in our area.

Steven P