Sunday, February 24, 2008

Home comforts

I've been sick since Wednesday. The weekend was a bit unremarkable, considering that since I got home from work on Friday afternoon I only managed to leave the house twice - each time for the requisite 10 minute video store run. In short, there was some quality duvet time. I've been reading Notes from an Exhibition and coercing Stu to watch an unholy amount of LOST. I keep thinking he must find me boring, but he's good like that.

This afternoon I was feeling particularly sorry for myself and thought really there's only one thing for it. My Grandma Broten was the original domestic goddess, expert in the ways of comfort food. One of her many specialties was a massive pot of delicious rice pudding. After a couple of hours of stirring and simmering it was simply perfect (any B's out there in the blogosphere I'm sure you'll agree.) Anyway, I found this Delia recipe which is a baked version that only requires minimal stirring (I was busy, afterall, bonding with the sofa.) Grandma would've approved.

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