Friday, February 8, 2008

Girl Friday

Yo ho ho - It's Friday!! I have a vivid memory of the not so stellar radio station in my home town playing this song on Friday mornings midst much obnoxious bells and whistles (they probably still do.) Anyway, I kind of felt like that today.

Speaking of radio stations, I was thinking it would be fun to work at one. But actually, I am probably thinking it would be fun to be like Roz on Frasier (one of Stu's favs, btw) and it would be nothing like that in real life. Let's just chalk it up to Friday day dreams.

I note that my good friend Santosh is up to 150 hits a day on his blog! I am going to have to pump up the jam big style on the regular posting. Stu suggested that I style myself as a Canadian Slugger O'Toole (check it out if you want a window into the somewhat warpedness of NI politics and current affairs!) I could feature a collection of random Candian news stories - his suggestion was prompted by me sending him all manner or links throughout the day to good to know news stories like this one.

Switching track completely (forgive me, it's Friday), we christened our slow cooker yesterday. I feel kind of 70's using it. I cooked a marinated Asian chicken recipe from a new book The Gourmet Slow Cooker II and so far I am positive. The chicken was super tender and moist and it was really nice to know that dinner would be ready when we got home from work apart from making rice and stir-frying some greens. I had read some not so positive comments online about minging (read gross) recipes and watery concoctions so that's why I was careful when choosing the cookbook (aren't I always?) If anyone has any tips or winning recipes fire them my way.


nico said...

i heart frasier. actually, i heart niles.

nico said...

Oh, and I got this book ( as a gift... it looks very pretty. I'll recommend it based on the photos. I have not slow-cooked any of the recipes yet.