Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Devil Wears Swing Coats?

In my head I have a vision of a sexy, funky new look for the blog. I have been thinking that it's high time for Always Paddle to be treated to a makeover but when I had a go at picking a new template on Blogger tonight (which, thanks to my limited programming skills is just about the height of the sexy, funky new look) nothing jumped out. That is to say, none of the different vibes little Always tried on for size were really her (yes, APYOC is now a she - a blog personified!) Apparently the hot new thing in blogging is Tumblr, and Wordpress comes highly recommended, but I don't really like the idea of changing my address (confusing for the fans you know) and I'm definitely not sophisticated enough to redirect web traffic! Anyway, watch this space and don't be shocked one day if you flick on and find Always Paddle all decked out in fishnets and stilettos (or something.)

Speaking of fashion, bear with me while I go on a fair to middlin' rant about the fickle-ness of this age! Perhaps I should explain. This morning in between breakfast with friends and lunch with family (that's the life), Stu and I grabbed a bit of must-have weekend newspaper time at Starbucks. I, for one, was especially pleased to discover that the supplement magazine this week is Observer Woman. (I'm equally happy when it's Observer Food, somewhat happy when it's Music and non-plussed when it's Sport - who's with me?)

So getting down to my rant, I was merrily reading along sipping my extra hot skinny bevy (as you do) brushing up on the latest handbags and heels (none of which I actually have mind you) when I came to an article detailing what's hot and what's not for spring. Keen to be cutting edge (or at least not officially dorky) in '08, I read on. Annoyingly (and rather unsurprisingly) the article catalogued items that were bang on trend last year that now we're all supposed to chuck out! I mean, I had a pretty good idea that the whole faux-maternity smock thing couldn't last for ever (and to be honest I'm a bit relieved after living in fear for too long of someone offering me inappropriate congratulations) but I for one thought we could get at least one more season out of those adorable swing jackets! Apparently the fashion gods would have otherwise.

Flipancy (somewhat) aside, the article raised my hackles (not to mention my suspicions) as the thought dawned on me that maybe (just maybe) these mag publishers are getting more than a pat on the back for recommending all these to-die-for new products. As I finished my latte, the article left me considering the ills of our consumption culture (oh, and also wondering just what exactly is a tea dress anyway??)

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scrabo power said...

I would rate the Observer magazines like this!

1. Music
2. Sport
3. Women (controversial!)
4. food