Monday, February 11, 2008

And now for something completely different . . .

Oh, what, oh what did we ever do before the wonders of the internet?? So full of useful and insightful material to sharpen the mind and enrich the soul - such as this Cute Overload website (example pictured above) that my dear friend Sara C (aka the domestic goddess) showed me on the weekend. I mean really.

Well friends, Monday's over and here's hoping you're feeling in top form . . . (That reminds me of a story - A man at work the other day asked me, 'How's the form?' which for all you non-UKers means simply, 'How are you?' Problem being I heard, 'How's the farm?' which didn't really make much sense to me - Let's just say that kind of thing happens to me a lot. I'm sure my new colleagues think I'm very strange) . . . Anyhoo, I for one am happy Monday's down and am in relatively good form thank you very much.

I spent the day in a course on policy development which was very interesting (I'm not kidding.) After work I decided to reacquaint myself with my new gym that I have been neglecting lately. By the way, if you're reading this from somewhere in East Belfast and are feeling the need to flex your pipes, I am strongly recommending Pure Fitness. It's fab. After the gym we had some Moosewood sweet and sour lentils for dinner (very good actually) and soon we're going to watch the latest episode of Damages which Stu and I are very much into. In short, a very good day up until five minutes ago when I realised that I knit an entire beanie in the wrong sized needles. I knew the evil Monday gremlins would get me yet!

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