Monday, January 7, 2008

Tears, tense and taste

Well, we're baaaack . . . I've got that slightly confused feeling tonight after travelling nearly 24 hours from 'home' in Sasky to 'home' in Belfast. After crying my way through significant portions of the three flights (par for the course after saying goodbye to my family at the airport - a routine that is far too familiar) I was feeling pretty tired when we finally returned to our humble abode this afternoon. Thankfully we eventually managed to warm up our little house and while Stu started organising our many many holiday pics onto a Ibook photo album (the coolest thing by the by) I caught a few jet lagged zzz's.

I really shouldn't complain - all in all the journey was snag-free and of course the whole holiday was absolutely wonderful. The Toronto to London flight went by pretty quickly as I was engrossed in a wonderful novel called Love in the Present Tense by Catherine Ryan Hyde. This was recommended to me months ago by the lovely Beth and I don't know why it took me so long to crack it open. Now I'm spreading the word as the story and characters are wonderful. I read the whole thing on the flight!

Somewhere along the way I also stumbled upon this extract of a new book called In Defense of Food: The Myth of Nutrition and the Pleasures of Eating by Michael Pollan. I think this is already out in North America and wish I would have bought it when I was home. If the extract is anything to go by, I think this will be a worthwhile read for anyone remotely interested in food and eating (that would pretty much be all of us huh?) Another extract will be published in G2 tomorrow - maybe I will read it on my lunchbreak as I'm BACK TO WORK (shock horror) tomorrow morning!

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Nancy Jean said...

JBN, we see that you are back! now what? don't be a negligent blogger. you know those secret fans are out there. i speak for the silent.